Soft Skills

Through professional experience and training I've picked up a long list of soft skills. I've worked next to and been trained by professional sales management training professionals. Beyond work training I've taken it upon myself to study sociology and psychology. Combined I've had 10 years of study under my belt. I understand the full interaction between a buisness partner, customer, or colleagues. From open, to transitioning, providing value, understanding an issue, showing empathy and demonstating my understanding to the client.

I've had professional experience as management taking care of high level customers and sales over $20k+. Scheduling, training of other employees, leading monthly reports and meetings.

Soft Skill List

  • High Level Sales
  • Management Experience
  • Server Functions & Systems
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Customer Relations
  • Presentation/Public Speaking
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Communication Clearity
  • Expense/Inventory/Customer Reports
  • QuickBooks
  • 10 years Teaching Experience