It's all about me!

I've been involved in tech my entire life. I built my first computer at 10 years old. Tech, programs and art is not something I do but it is who I am at my core. I eat, sleep, and breath all things tech every single day. My hobbies are watching tech/science videos, learning code, or creating art. My confidence has sky rocketed recently because I feel like all my hard work is finally all coming together.

I have educated myself on the overview of the tech world, code and art. With my certifications and experience I can now draw, paint and animate my own content. I can than code my own website from scratch with a deep understanding of every element and how they talk to each other. I understand how computer systems take electricity and turn that into binary and how that information is processed, stored and shown to users. I understand network, the internet, server systems, admin responsibilities, security, ect. I've built my own server, my own website, connected all the right components.

Why is this imporant

This matters because the most important quality to look for in the tech industry is someone who solves problems and learns quickly, efficiently but most importantly. Who does it on their own because they love it. That person will grow and become more efficient than any other person. It's hard to sleep at night because I'm always thinking of a different way I could have done things. All my friends do code and we talk about how to solve problems while we play video games. Tech is my lifestyle.